About Us

     Atwood Resources Inc. (ARI) is a third generation family owned and operated business that evolved from a small deadstock collection company first purchased by the Smith family back in 1968. With the discovery of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), (aka Mad Cow Disease) in 2003, ARI (known then as Atwood Pet Food) was forced to abandon the pet food market, and restructure with a focus on renewable energy markets.

     Historically ARI salvaged hides from bovine deadstock, but in 2007 the company began to render for volume reduction purposes the carcass material, and capture the fat to market to biodiesel refineries. In 2012 ARI's gasification plant was built to be fueled by Specified Risk Material (SRM) crax that was one of the products generated from the volume reduction process. The SRM crax fuel displaced the need for natural gas to heat ARI’s rendering cookers, buildings, and hot water supply.

     In December 2014, a fire ravaged ARI's main building. This setback temporarily suspended the 2nd generation owner's retirement plans as 2nd and soon to be 3rd generation owner worked together to reestablish ARI's business platform.

     For a more comprehensive breakdown of ARI's services, processes and products please refer to the tabs "Our Services", and "Our Process".